• How long does it take for my episode to finish?

    As podcasters, we value how important schedule is. We also know the importance of professional audio and podcast notes are to your podcast. With that - we need 72 hours to make each of your episodes and polish them.

  • Is it possible for me to launch a "new and noteworthy" podcast?

    With our experience, it is definitely possible. Your podcast can land in the "New and Noteworthy" page in iTunes. With our Valher Show System - we will help you with your marketing, launching, and outreach to have your podcast spread globally.

  • How many podcasts can your packages cover?

    We have three packages. One can cover 1 episode per week with a maximum of 60 minutes of audio. We also have another two packages where both covers 2 episodes but one is 2 episodes per week while the other is 2 episodes per month.

  • If I don't like the service, can I get my money back?

    Of course! If you are not satisfied with our performance in 30 days, we will have to give your money back 100% - with no questions asked. 

  • Can you help me with the launching of my podcast?

    Yes, no doubt about that. We will be with you through the marketing and launching of your podcast. We will help you plan your pre-launch and launch strategies. We already helped a lot of people. We can help you too. 

  • Do you offer a per-episode package?

    Please send us an email regarding the per-episode you wish to get done and we will discuss with you our offer depending on your needs. 

  • Who will I be working with?

    Valher Media has a fantastic team who can assist you in all your audio, video, and post-production concerns. Our team consists of great sound and video engineers, content strategists, content creators who can make your podcast one of the best.

  • What happens when I get started?

    Here are the steps:

    Step 1: Click the ‘Get Started’ button, select your Service Package and checkout.

    Step 2: Fill out the secure form to share basic access logins so we can edit and write podcast notes for your next episodes.

    Step 3: We’ll set up a shared Google Drive folder for easy file sharing.

    Step 4: Once your files are shared, we edit, write podcast notes for and send your first episode for approval within 72 hours!

    Then you simply record content like normal and we continue handling your production for you. 

    Easy peasy.

  • How do I share my recordings with you?

    We will set up a personal Google Drive folder for you to upload your recordings, so we can access them as well.

  • I publish more (or less) than one episode a week. Can you help me too?

    Absolutely!  We have different pricing for different publishing schedules.  Whether you publish weekly, every other week or monthly, we’ll edit, write podcast notes and publish your podcast episodes for you.

    Simply fill out this form for a quote.

  • What if I need help in recording?

    We have sound engineers who can assist you with your recording. You can also tell them your desired sound to cater to your style and needs.

  • I'm not sure which option is right for me.

    No worries, click here and book a call with one of our dedicated team members.

    We will talk you through what is best for your podcast.

  • How do I contact you?

    You can always contact us through our website: https://www.valhermedia.com/contact/

  • Are you only focused on editing or you can also assist me with something else as long as it's podcast-related?

    Our company is not limited to helping clients with audio editing alone. We are also ready to help you with the production of your podcasts, video editing, post-production as well as networking and launching your podcast. 

  • Can you help me with the content of my podcast?

    If you are running out of ideas - you’ve come to the right place. We are here to provide you with different strategies and techniques you can use to make your content more substantial that it doesn’t compromise your message and your audience.

  • I'm already in the field of podcast but I don't feel like I'm expanding. Can you help me expand?

    We will be working with you hand-in-hand to spread your podcast from one place to another. 

  • I want to start podcasting but does it really pay?

    We can proudly say, YES. Doing podcast and having a good podcast can help you earn money and here in Valher Media - we will help you grow your income through podcasting.

  • Do you give tips for people who just started their own podcast?

    Yes, we do. If you will visit our Blog section - you will see a series of blogs and stories filled with tips on how to move forward in the podcasting business.

  • Do you have a package for launching a podcast?

    Yes, we have. We have a podcast set-up and launch package which includes:

    • Media Hosting and RSS Feed Setup
    • Submitting your feed to iTunes, Stitcher, and Spotify
    • Content Mapping Strategy Call
    • Pre-Launch Consultation Call
    • Cover Image Creation
    • Sourcing Royalty Free Music
    • Intro/Outro Voiceover

    Launching your podcast should never be a worry now. 

  • Can you help me convert my listeners to buyers?

    Yes. We have specific marketing strategies to help make your business more profitable.

  • Are your prices affordable?

    Yes. You will have a quality experience with a very promising price.

    Click here to see our prices: https://www.valhermedia.com/services/podcast-editing/

  • What's included in your package?

    We edit and mix. What does this mean? We edit your audio, mix intro/outro music for your podcast, podcast note writing, feature image, blog posting, social posting, and even send emails. We also upload to your media host. 

  • I have a bad habit when speaking. I tend to insert "uhm", "so", "hmmm", "ah", every now and then. Can you help me?

    Absolutely! Our package includes the removal of unwanted 'ums, ahs, pauses, and transitions.

  • Can I have my podcast reviewed?

    You can. We offer a ‘SHOW AUDIT’ where you can get your podcast reviewed by our experts to determine what doesn’t work and what works so you keep on doing them. You will be able to monitor your podcast and discuss with us if there are still things that need improvement. 

  • Can you help me build a good first impression to my listeners?

    If you worry about the listener's first impressions - we are here for you. We can assist you and give you tips on how to make a good impression through your podcast. Let’s have a chat.

  • Will I be able to reach you anytime?

    Of course! You can always reach us through our website and email. We will attend to all your concerns immediately. 

  • I'm strict with releasing my weekly episodes. Is there no chance your production will be delayed?

    We know how you value your time in terms of releasing episodes and sharing your content with your listeners. We share the same perspective so we have a proper time schedule when it comes to the production of your episodes for you to be able to release it on time. However, if your recording is delayed, we cannot edit the episode within 24 hours. We need at least 72 hours to properly prepare everything.

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