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What Is The Podcaster's Edge?

Podcaster's Edge is a free, curated content package from Valher Media.


In short, it’s a weekly email that covers what is working now from podcasters who are doing it!


You will get to look behind the scenes at what successful podcasters are actually doing now, in the real world.


(Instead of the rubbish being put out by people who have never had a successful podcast).


Each week you will get an email from us that is designed to help you level up your podcast.

Some of the topics that we cover:

  • How to grow your podcast audience

  • Turning listeners into long-time subscribers (and raving fans)

  • Creating the right content that your audience wants!

  • Monetisation strategies for maximum ROI

As a subscriber, you will also get access to our best resources, templates and guides. Such as:

  • PDF Display 11pillars_02

    The 11 Pillars of a Highly Profitable Podcast

  • PDF Display_02

    The Ultimate Podcast Intro Framework

  • get booked

    Outreach techniques to score guest appearances on other podcasts

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