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Get the 11 Pillars of a Highly Profitable Podcast Now!

Get way ahead of your competition by learning from those who have failed, taken the lessons, then succeeded in the podcasting arena. With this guide, you will get the following:

  • Tested and proven 11 pillars to build your podcast framework
  • Listener-centric approach leading to higher profitability
  • Recommendations tailored exclusively for podcast success
  • Fast-tracking of podcast channel growth

Get a copy of THE PILLARS OF A HIGHLY PROFITABLE PODCAST by clicking the button below.

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Your intro can make or break your podcast.

Download The Ultimate Podcast Intro Framework for FREE.

Your intro can make or break your podcast.

The Ultimate Podcast Intro Framework is a free guide and worksheet that we are CURRENTLY USING with our podcasts in Valher Media.

Sign up to get an expertly crafted, step-by-step instruction on how to improve your intro that is proven to entice more listeners and increase engagement.

The framework comes with samples from real podcasts and a blank template for you to work on.

get booked

Download Get Booked: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Podcast Guest

This resource will help you and your team set up a system to reach out to podcasters, book guest appearances, and make the most out of your interview.

With this strategy, our network of podcast hosts secure at least one guest appearance per week. Sign up to learn how you can replicate this in your podcast.

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Download ValherMedia's Recommended Podcast Equipment

Do you want to produce high-quality podcasts that keep your audiences listening to the very end?
Then this resource is for you.

Knowing the right gear and tools to help you record clear, crisp audio and high-resolution video will take your podcast production to a whole new level. We've recommended SEVEN different types of podcast equipment that you will need to produce your best podcast yet!

Guesting Preparations

Download A Guide to Great Guesting: Pre-Show Preparations

So you've been invited to guest on a podcast. What to do next? How do you make this guesting a memorable event for you, the host, and your audience? In this downloadable, ValherMedia gives you some of the best pre-show practices for being an in-demand guest.


Download It's Not Luck... Fish Where the Fish Are (Companion Guide to Ep 43)

One of the core problems many podcasters face is that they’re doing something in the hope people will come and find it - and want it. They’re trying to grow crops that people want, but in reality, that’s not how podcasting works at all!

It’s time for a shift in how we approach podcasting and start fishing where the fish are! 

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