The Business of Podcasting Ep002: The Ultimate Conversion Tool with James Schramko

Having a successful podcast channel means putting together high-quality podcasts. Each episode needs the perfect mix of the right guest, the right questions, and the right narrative. This episode is all about running a podcast that can stand out. Our special guest, James Schramko, will share his years of knowledge on this subject.

Together with James, we will talk about how a podcast can serve as the ultimate conversion tool for your business. James will share how his business evolved and the plans he has to further develop in the future. He will discuss noteworthy strategies and valuable tips for creating content. Lastly, we will also talk about getting more people on your email list.


Make Your Podcast the Ultimate Conversion Tool

What Questions Should You Ask Your Podcast Guest?

  • Do ample research on the guest and go over their content. Read up on their previous work.
  • Ask the guest about their interests, particularly the things they like to discuss.
  • Find out if there is valuable information they haven’t had the chance to share before. This method will unravel stories that have yet to come to light.
  • Look beyond the obvious stories and questions that the guest receives in other interviews.
  • Find a unique and exciting angle for the guest to reveal a particular perspective that most people haven’t heard.

How do you Make Great Podcast Content? 

  • One way to step up your game is to ask better questions and in turn, tell your stories better.
  • Pay attention to content which has enormous potential to resonate with your audience.
  • Learn to trust your gut instinct in making decisions.
  • Joining the bandwagon is not always the best option.
  • Don't stick to a formula for your podcasts wherein you pose the same question for every guest. Over time, your audience will only get bored. Resist the urge of staying comfortable and sticking to what is familiar.
  • Pursue guests who are not usually featured a lot of podcasts.

How can Business Podcasts be Used as a Conversion Tool?

  • When you have established a listener base, these people will commit more hours consuming your content.
  • Earning that commitment from your audience will give you the power to influence them. Gaining their trust will make it easier to sell to them.

How can you Convert Subscribers to Customers?

  • Your website and email list are your critical weapons for conversion.
  • Having an online help desk can encourage people to ask questions.
  • Use your email list to endorse products that can offer more value to the consumer.
  • Utilize your website to navigate your audience towards your highest performing content.

How do you Grow Your Podcast?

  • Commit to constant innovation.
  • Be sensitive to the changes in your industry.
  • Have a long term approach with the business, but if you recognize you're in the wrong track, change your methods.

About Our Guest:

James Schramko is an investor, coach, speaker, and surfer based in Sydney, Australia. From being the top sales agent for a car dealership company, he now owns multiple successful businesses. James has been in the game of podcasting for over 20 years. The rich experience he attained has made him an expert on various business aspects. Some of these are marketing, website development, SEO services, information products, and traffic and conversion.


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