The Business of Podcasting Ep005: The 3 P’s of Podcasting with Adam Jaffrey

There’s a lot of work done in making a podcast. Different parts come together to create a complete, finished product. But sometimes we might focus too much on particular elements that we forget to look at the other vital aspects.

In this episode, we invited Adam Jaffrey from Wavelength Creative to discuss his “3 P’s” framework in podcasting. The 3 P’s are essential elements in podcasting: production, packaging, and promotion. He presents compelling examples of each of the three Ps. Then, he talks about when to focus on each particular aspect of podcasting.


The 3 P’s of Podcasting

What are the Three P’s of Podcasting?

  • Production is the creation of the content, which involves the story, sound, and editing.
  • The packaging is how you present the podcast to the audience, including the episode titles and the podcast’s artwork.
  • Promotion is the way the podcast is brought to the audience and maintaining fan engagement through various channels.
  • The three pillars of podcasting are equally valuable; focus depends on different factors involving the podcast in question.
  • Different podcasts have different strengths, and we could learn from how each podcast excels in a particular pillar of podcasting.

What are the Different Scales for Production?

  • Large podcast networks spend a massive amount on the production of their podcasts to grow and maintain a large audience base, which they need to earn through advertising.
  • Spending a significant amount in production is impractical for smaller brands aiming to engage a niche audience.
  • The content, writing, and making a podcast more compelling is more critical in maintaining a niche, loyal audience.

How Do You Treat the Podcast As a Full Package?

  • Podcasts need to have a great first impression—the podcast title, episode name, sound quality, music, and even the artwork all matters.
  • A podcast’s title has to communicate precisely what the podcast is all about in as few words as possible.
  • The artwork should be eye-catching and should be able to tell the audience what the podcast is all about.
  • Follow a listener-centric approach for the podcast’s metadata, using exact copies for your description and episode titles.
  • Episode titles should tell the listener why they should listen; put guest names towards the end. Don’t include episode numbers.

Promotion: How To Distribute to All Platforms

  • The podcast industry’s open ecosystem allows everyone to compete evenly but makes it challenging to be discovered.
  • Getting the podcast listed on three major platforms will help increase the podcast’s viewership.
  • Apple still has the most significant share in the podcasting industry, and getting listed in Apple may also get you listed elsewhere.
  • Spotify is an emerging player in podcasting, with a continuously growing listenership.
  • Google recently started indexing podcasts, making podcasts appear in search results and discoverable and viable for SEO.
  • Getting into the three platforms is essential, but you should not neglect to distribute to other platforms as well.

Promotion: How to Amplify Your Network

  • Amplification is a commitment to maintaining the engagement of your audience.
  • Advertising for podcasts is very nuanced, and there are precise methods that could get people to listen in.
  • Facebook groups help maintain a connection between your podcast and your audience.
  • Email marketing is a direct way to catch people’s attention.
  • Use paid advertising within podcasting apps to target specific groups of podcast listeners.
  • People have to be in a mindset before they’re convinced to listen; many traditional advertising techniques aren’t ideal for podcasts.
  • Promoting a podcast isn’t hard, but it’s hard work. The best listener-centric podcasts will naturally rise on top of other podcasts.
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About Our Guest:

Based in Melbourne, Wavelength Creative helps brands develop their podcasts from the ground up.


As the Strategy Director of Wavelength Creative, Adam Jaffrey is all too familiar with how the agency produces the highest quality of podcasts for their clients. He’s well-versed in the field of digital marketing and has helped countless clients as a consultant.


Learn more about Adam and Wavelength Creative over at their website.

Listen to Adam’s podcast: MATE

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