The Business of Podcasting Ep006: How to Create More Opportunities from Your Podcast with Daryl Urbanski

Podcasts hold a lot of opportunities for business owners and entrepreneurs out there. However, getting a start on this business can have several challenges. Luckily, our guest Daryl Urbanski is here to give you all the advice you need to steer your podcast podcast to success. Tune in to the whole episode to learn all about the tips and tricks. 


How to Create More Opportunities from Your Podcast

Opportunities in Podcasting

  • Podcasting allows you to be a marketing engine. By growing an audience, you can generate leads for your business.
  • It is a way to develop joint ventures and significant relationships with influential people.
  • A vast network will help you build and nurture relationships that can help more people. With a system, you can help your guests and clients promote their events and encourage listeners to buy their products or services.

Strategies in Conducting Interviews

  • Don’t rush into conducting the interview. Instead, schedule a meet-and-greet to learn more about your interviewee.
  • Each interview is an opportunity for you and your guests to co-promote each other’s products and services.
  • Biographies are instructive material to see how people got into the business and how they adapted to its development.
  • Discuss how they overcame challenges and get their perspectives on their approach.
  • Research is always a fool-proof strategy to see the best traits of people.

The Effect of Meet-and-Greet Before the Interview 

  • The primary interview will feel more comfortable for the interviewee since you already communicated before.
  • You don’t have to spend time checking out your interviewee; at the same time, they don’t have to figure you out either.
  • Meet-and-greets are a great way to structure questions and set up the episode for success.
  • The flow of conversation becomes smoother since you are less likely to talk over each other.
  • You can figure out more opportunities for where the interview can go.

Audio as a Powerful Medium

  • Audio is the most consumed information format.
  • Audio is also very flexible. With audio podcasts, you can repurpose content from videos and put it on podcasts. At the same time, you can use information from the audio in social media posts or blog articles.
  • This makes audio a medium that has enormous leverage in terms of SEO and spreading valuable content.

Growing Your Audience and Getting Episodes Out

  • There are three ways to get your traffic: you can build it, buy it, or borrow it.
  • In the beginning, you can build your audience through SEO. For Daryl, he used Google Trends to look for the most searched term. Then, he used this term as the name of his business to gain more traction.
  • Run ads to get your viewers to download your podcast.
  • Borrowing traffic refers to promoting yourself through your guests to their audience.
  • Be consistent in your rate of releasing podcasts. Through this, you can build routines and create habits with your audience.
  • Build an email list with your current clients, leads and buyers, as well as the unknown market.
  • Monitor the causation and correlation between a particular activity and its output. Look at trends and stay in tune with the needs of your market.

About Our Guest:

Daryl Urbanski started podcasting with a mission to help people who have valuable content to share. Today, he still keeps the same dedication to helping websites and businesses get customers and keep them. He believes that owners who know better will do better in developing their company. Daryl invites world-class experts, authors, self-made millionaires and seven-figure business owners on his podcast. These experts share their journey, their strategies, and dreams as a way to inspire listeners.


His podcast, Best Business Podcast with Daryl Urbanski, has gained a loyal audience over the years, achieving over 400,000 downloads to date.


Get in touch with Daryl through Facebook. For more insights and information about his podcast, click here.


Listen to Daryl’s podcast: Best Business Podcast


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