The Business of Podcasting Ep007: What to Do If Your Podcast Stalls or Falls Into a Decline with Adam Jaffrey

Running a podcast is a long-term commitment. It also takes hard work and patience to know the right strategies that are necessary for its success. There are also times where you will need the help of an expert in the field of podcasting.

In this episode, Adam Jaffrey is back with us to share his knowledge about saving a stalling podcast. He talks about different strategies for those who are not growing their audience as much as they like and not generating revenue with their podcast.

Check out the podcast notes and listen to the podcast for a valuable perspective on the business of podcasting!


Saving a Stalling Podcast

Definition of a Stalling Podcast

  • A stalling podcast is a podcast that is unable to connect well with the listeners, or the number of downloads is declining. 
  • Podfading happens when a podcast stops producing content.
  • It is important to note that each episode is different, so have different targets for each one. For example, a podcast about neurosurgeons in Melbourne and a podcast about ice cream must have different goals.

Analyzing Your Show

  • Knowing your brand can take up to six months to gain traction. It takes time to build your skills and your audience.
  • Every podcast is different. It heavily depends on how you market the podcast.
  • If you release an episode every week, there is a spike of listeners for the day of release, and for the next few days, there will be a decline.

Strategies for Improvement

  • Your release dates must be predictable. You must be consistent with growing your audience.
  • Research and reflect on your content, consistency, quality, and how you present your content.
  • Analyze your audience’s listening behaviour.
  • Think of an intriguing title because that is what potential listeners see first. Use active language and questions.
  • Don’t let the excitement subside.
  • Package your podcast flawlessly, and that means having a good introduction, background music, and making sure your instruments are in the best condition.
  • Change your content or marketing strategies.

Importance of the First Minute

  • Talk about what you promised in your title.
  • There are 750,000 podcasts on Apple, and you need to stand out.
  • Edit your podcast and leave only the necessary information.
  • Note that every second is valuable; thus, you must respect the audience’s time.

Seek External Advice

  • You may not notice your errors since you are heavily invested in your podcast.
  • Get opinions from other people, preferably those who are experts in marketing or content production.
  • They can help you know the right strategy.
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About Our Guest:

Based in Melbourne, Wavelength Creative helps brands develop their podcasts from the ground up.


As the Strategy Director of Wavelength Creative, Adam Jaffrey is all too familiar with how the agency produces the highest quality of podcasts for their clients. He’s well-versed in the field of digital marketing and has helped countless clients as a consultant.


Learn more about Adam and Wavelength Creative over at their website.

Listen to Adam’s podcast: MATE

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Visit Charley’s The Parenting Co website.

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