The Business of Podcasting Ep010: How to Promote Your Podcast Online to Generate Audience with Angela Henderson

A podcast can help you build credibility and authority around your brand. Thus, it is crucial to know how to generate an audience and have a deep connection with them. Social media platforms like Facebook can help you create feedback and promotional materials for your podcast.

In this episode, our guest Angela Henderson business coach for women gives crucial suggestions on building your podcast in a way that will benefit you and your audience. She also emphasizes how podcasting is a long-term venture which needs commitment and hard work. A host needs to be equipped with the right knowledge to prosper in the field of podcasting.

Tune in to this episode to learn valuable information about podcasting and to use social media platforms to promote your podcast.


Essentials to Podcast Promotion and Attracting an Audience

Why Podcasting?

  • To establish a human connection is one of the reasons why she started podcasting.
  • Podcasting is a long-term strategy to provide valuable information and strengthen relationships with ideal clients.

The Role of Podcasting in Business

  • It is a combination of nurturing prospective clients and deepening relationships with them.
  • It is also a two-way approach. Angela nurtures possible clients while making connections with them. Her audience adds value to her life, and she also does her best to help them through hosting a podcast.

Is Podcast an Effective Filter?

  • One of podcasting’s central roles is to attract the right customers.
  • Podcasting is not a quick fix to a business; it takes time to develop podcasts. Thus, it offers a long-term strategy for the company.

The Facebook Community

  • Angela redirects listeners to her Facebook community for further communication.
  • In the Facebook group, there are three questions she asks the audience. First, their struggles, whether they own a company or not, and their willingness to listen to her podcast.
  • After those questions, she asks for people’s emails. She uses Facebook to create email lists that are valuable for marketing purposes.
  • She also used Facebook as a tool to generate feedback.
  • Her Facebook group does not revolve around the podcast alone.

Attracting an Audience

  • The guests share the podcast, and the host sends newsletters every week.
  • Social media platforms such as Instagram can also be used for promotion. Facebook is also an excellent arena to promote podcasts. LinkedIn and Pinterest are also becoming great platforms to podcastcase podcasts.
  • It is essential to use many platforms to reach more people.
  • Incite curiosity among your audience to entice them with your episodes. You can post snippets or teasers.

Guests and Solo Episodes

  • It is crucial to include yourself in the podcast since podcasting is a long-term venture. It is counterproductive to rely on guests.
  • Integrate case studies to improve the podcast and exemplify the benefits of business coaching.
  • Solo episodes require more preparation than those with guests.
  • She writes the entire speech for the podcast to exude organisation toward the listeners.

Generating Websites

  • Make sure that your websites are optimized and formatted correctly before redirecting your listeners to the site.
  • Webinars are crucial to your business; thus, invest properly in them.


angela henderson

About Our Guest:

Angela Henderson is a business consultant and an online coach for women in businesses. Her company, through one-on-one consultation, builds the foundational elements necessary to grow a sustainable and profitable business. She also has a twelve-month group coaching program and is the head of Australia’s leading four-day and three-night businesswomen retreat.


Connect with Angela through her website and Facebook. Listen to her podcast: Business and Life: Conversations with Angela Henderson.


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