The Business of Podcasting Ep011: Dealing with Insecurity in Podcasting with Jaemin Frazer

It is common for new podcasters to doubt themselves and feel insecure about what they can deliver. Because of this, they end up making a podcast that podcasts what they think listeners want rather than what they want to share. They add to the noise instead of giving out new information to their listeners.

In this episode, Jaemin Frazer shares his insights about why people feel like they are not good enough. He also talks about the seven essential practices in overcoming insecurity. We also discuss how to stay true to yourself and more.

To all the listeners, especially if you are dealing with insecurity, tune in, sit back, and enjoy the podcast.


How to Deal With Insecurity in Podcasting

How Does Insecurity Affect Podcasters?

  • People seek validation and acceptance to meet their need to feel significant.
  • They end up creating content based on what others care about, rather than what they want to share. 
  • Then, they fight against themselves to try and get the best results.
  • Social media amplifies their insecurity even more because of its instant feedback technology.
  • Insecurity can sometimes help people achieve things; however, this type of motivation often leads to feeling as empty as before.

Seven Essential Practices in Overcoming Insecurity

  • Step into the light and name your problem.
  • Be 100% responsible for what is happening to you.
  • Stack the pain and feel it.
  • Have a compelling vision for your life.
  • Get help from someone who doesn’t care about you.
  • Be the hero.
  • Rewrite the story.

Dealing with Haters and Bad Reviews and Comments

  • Read the bad comments.
  • Don’t take anything personally.
  • Evaluate both the good and bad comments to understand what their goal is.
  • Surround yourself with people who would give you some good quality and honest feedback.
  • Use constructive feedback to improve.

Staying True to Your Cause

  • Trust your judgment and opinions.
  • Be aware of your imperfections.
  • Know and follow what you want.
jaemin frazer

About Our Guest:

Jaemin Frazer is known as Australia’s best life coach. He founded The Insecurity Project and wrote Elegantly Simple Solutions to Complex People Problems and a new book, Deep Change. He is the voice of One Minute Coach, a popular radio segment featured on stations all around Australia. Jaemin also hosts a podcast where he shares ways people can solve insecurity in their own lives. He aims to help leaders, entrepreneurs, and people with ambitions to overcome insecurity and rid them of their doubts, fears, and self-limiting beliefs.


Learn more about how to deal with your insecurity at Jaemin Frazer’s The Insecurity Project. Listen to Jaemin’s podcast. Get your copy of The 7 Essential Practices for Overcoming Insecurity here.


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