The Business of Podcasting Ep013: Being The Sponsor Of Your Own Podcast For Maximum ROI with Steph Taylor

Launching your very first podcast is a thrilling experience for every podcaster alike. You’ll never know what follows after that. That is why it is essential to come up with effective strategies to ensure your podcast’s success.

Today, Steph Taylor of the Socialette Podcast joins us to share her most valuable points on growing your podcast effectively. She demonstrates how being the sponsor of your own podcast enables you to get a maximum return of investment. In this episode, we talk about the difference between shorter versus longer episodes and getting big names on your podcast. Steph also shares how you can make use of Pinterest to grow your podcast. 

This episode will give every podcaster and aspiring podcasters the most effective tips and tricks to grow your podcast. Don’t forget to subscribe, tune in to the show, and learn more about how you can effectively take your podcast to the next level!


Sponsoring Your Show for Maximum ROI

Steph Taylor and the Socialette Podcast

  • Marketing her business by running Facebook ads and through social media wasn’t adequate in the competitive marketing space.
  • Starting a podcast was a solution to rising as an authority in the competitive marketing space.
  • She runs her business under her brand, Steph Taylor, where she helps entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life through high-impact launches.
  • Her business is supported by her podcast, which is her most significant social lead.
  • Through her podcast, she shifted from service to digital products to help business owners on a larger scale.

Podcasting Versus Blogging

  • You spend long hours with a blog—writing, editing, uploading, making graphics.
  • The work involved in blogging is far bigger than what people may think, and you only end up with words on pages.
  • Launching a 5-minute podcast, on the other hand, which is almost 1,000 words, comprises an entire blog post.

Solo Versus Guest Episodes

  • When Steph first started, she posted 5- to 10-minute episodes three times a week to build a connection with her audience.
  • Along the way, she realized that there are so many topics she’s not qualified or doesn’t know enough about to teach. That’s when she started bringing guests onto the show.
  • Having interviews take a lot of content creation pressure off. It saves you from having to come up with ideas all the time.
  • Interviews tend to get more downloads, which is a growth tactic because you gain a more extensive reach with the guest and their audiences sharing it as well.

Episode Strategies

  • Scripts are vital when you’re starting, but eventually, as you gain confidence, bullet points and a loose text will suffice.
  • Steph says that she writes down the exact sentences she wants to include, but it doesn’t take a lot of time.
  • Separately doing the intro allows you to touch on things covered in the episode accurately.
  • Mentioning a download or a program in the introduction assures that the audience is still at their maximum attention.

Growth and Bringing Listeners

  • Steph utilized her email list to hype up her podcast launch.
  • She got into Facebook groups and started telling people that she’s launching a bite-sized marketing podcast.
  • She asked them to comment on questions about marketing, which became her content ideas.
  • She also replied to each comment on when she will be covering these topics. Hence, they had a reason to tune in and listen to the podcast.
  • To keep growing her audience, she goes into a Facebook group and searches for a topic keyword, and if somebody has asked a question around that, she mentions her episode. 

Pinterest as a Marketing Strategy

  • Pinterest is an excellent source of free website traffic.
  • Rather than promoting links directly to the podcast, it sends the audience to the blog post version on your website.
  • About 5,000 hits out of 214,000 website visitors come from Pinterest.
  • Her approach: She puts up a blog post for an episode, creates a pinnable graphic, which she has a template for, and then adds it onto the blog post. 
  • You don’t need to have a big following; you just need to have a well-optimized keyword.
  • Think simply about what people would like to search for.

Finding What Works and What Doesn't

  • Facebook ads can either work extremely well or not at all.
  • The ones that work are mostly videos.
  • Video elements make it more engaging and are great for discovery and marketing.
  • In the audio-only podcast, you get to look at other things and take notes easily.
  • However, the extra effort versus the return that you get will be worth it.

Understanding How to Launch Podcasts

  • The first step is figuring out your potential listeners.
  • Do not simply copy what everybody else is doing. Figure out what will make your podcast unique.
  • You’re going to struggle to resonate with everyone because you’re never going to be everyone’s cup of tea.
  • A very narrow niche will get you sponsors who are always willing to work with you.
  • The more narrow your niche is, the more valuable your podcast will be.
  • Making your podcast stand out is a fusion of what the market needs and what makes you unique.


  • Sell your own products and services.
  • Get sponsorships.
  • Do affiliate partnerships.
  • It's a combination of podcasts and email marketing.


steph taylor

About Our Guest:

Steph Taylor is the founder and director of Steph Taylor.Co, and the host of the Socialette Podcast. From being a corporate cubicle-dweller turned entrepreneur, she is now simplifying marketing for small business owners through her library of digital products and digital marketing resources. She mentors aspiring entrepreneurs on how to launch with ease with her high-impact launch strategies.

Connect with Steph Taylor on her website and tune in to The Socialette Podcast. You can reach Steph on her Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn profile.

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