The Business of Podcasting Ep014: How to Get Big Names On Your Podcast With Joe Fier

Making sure you’re offering something of worth to your listeners is a goal that should never be overlooked. Preparing an episode and looking for potential guests who can bring additional value may be difficult to grasp, but luckily, we’ve got an expert who can help get you on track.

Today, we will be joined by Joe Fier, co-host of the Hustle And Flowchart Podcast and co-founder of Evergreen Profits, to let you in on some tips about getting big players on your show, insights on using their unique Dream 100 strategy, working with a co-host in interviewing, growing your audience, expanding your reach, and monetising your podcast. This episode will motivate you to make your podcast even better, with the added value guest experts will definitely bring to the table. 

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Getting Big Names On Your Podcast With Joe Fier

Joe Fier and the Hustle And Flowchart Podcast

  • Blogging and content marketing got them into thinking about online marketing as a whole and how to profit from their content development.
  • Started because they wanted to give their best content for free.
  • Seventy percent (70%) of their income at the time was coming from affiliate marketing.
  • They realized that not many people really put a lot of focus into a podcast. It was kind of like an afterthought. 
  • Their podcast has now moved into more self improvement, talking about stress and anxiety for entrepreneurs and how to deal with and cope with that.
  • Being able to connect with people makes selling anything easier.

Planning an Episode

  • A lot of planning goes into each episode, and good cadence with your co-host or partner will make things easier.
  • Their dynamic works because Matt asks the tactical, strategic questions while Joe likes to dig deeper if the topic is surface level.
  • They with their team study and research a lot about the speaker and the topic to be discussed on the show.

Determining Interview Questions

  • They study and watch a lot of good interviews on the web (like those by Howard Stern and Joe Rogan).
  • It's not about the best questions all the time, but those that dig deeper into the topic at hand.
  • Knowing what questions to ask comes more from experience, rather than just knowing what is expected to be asked specifically.

Transcripts and Show Notes

  • For some people, transcripts are better as they read faster than they can listen.
  • Show notes can be considered as mini sales pages for each episode.
  • Others go straight for the notes and not listen to the podcast itself, and that's okay, since they are still getting the content but in a different format.

Bulleted vs SEO-Centric Show Notes

  • 'Intrigue points' give people a reason to hit 'play'.
  • Bulleted notes drive curiosity to at least one or multiple points of the show.
  • Looking at Stephen Spencer's SEO-rich show notes, using SEO is a great way for potential fans to find your podcast.
  • Ultimately, intention and objective are important in choosing which format to take.

Strategies For Getting Big Names On The Show

  • Two of the strategies they have for getting traffic to the podcast is guesting on other shows and having guests over as well.
  • Getting referrals from their network is their number one driver for connections.
  • Once you network with one podcaster and get the ball rolling, finding other people who need guests or would want to guest on other shows gets easier.

The Dream 100 List

  • Roland Frasier, one of the founders of Digital Marketer, suggested that they make a Dream 100 List, a spreadsheet that lists the Top 100 people that they would love to connect with.
  • Attaching your Dream 100 List to the footer of your email is one way to spark interest and get your recipients curious.
  • Asking guests about who they might know on your Dream 100 list will either help you connect with the people listed or give you more people to connect with via suggestions.
  • This list doesn't have to be fancy - it just needs to do its job.

The CAP Method: 

Create Phase

  • Focusing on goals and building through the systems that you need.
  • Having a good show flow prepared and the technology and production tools ready.
  • Creating a format that jives with your personality and goals for the show.


  • Content marketing strategy that identifies what you can do to consistently amplify your show on all channels you're comfortable with.
  • For the Hustle And Flowchart Podcast, they started with their email list and network, letting them know when the podcast will be live and asking guests to share the podcast.
  • Levering their audience pools on social media (those you have influence over) to get the ball rolling.


  • Making money directly or indirectly through the show.
  • Surprisingly, out of 1,000 podcasters they interviewed, 85% have said they make zero dollars from their show.
  • While you can make money out of selling shirts or going on Patreon, you'll also need more people to make it work & the payoff isn't very big.
  • Affiliate Marketing is still where they make most of their money.
  • When people are in the trust building phase, they come to the show to learn or listen to someone they like, and once that trust is gained, they'll eventually allow you to bring them to the next step. That's where the money is made.

Internet Marketing

  • Own your audience by being able to control the messages you send to them.
  • Don't solely rely on platforms like Itunes for promotions and discoverability. Take matters into your own hands!
  • Trust your email list and network to help you grow as well.
  • Your podcast, website, and email list are the only aspects you can control, while other channels or platforms that you can't fully take charge of are considered ‘rented’.

The Deal With Downloads and Profit

  • Most podcasters just focus on the downloads and don’t have the intention of or strategy on making money out of it.
  • While having more downloads is a good goal, looking to your current audience and finding what you can do to to lead them to the next step is not often looked into.
  • You already have an audience that trusts you, and one great way to get them in your email list is through show notes.
  • Getting your listeners to the next step can be done simply by setting up your podcast in a way that encourages them to look at the show notes.

Strategies For Profiting From a Podcast

  • They use an 'invisible Podcast funnel', a physical newsletter they send out that derives its content from the podcast.
  • They included a call to action at the top of the podcast that invites listeners to receive two weeks' worth of notes for free. Once people subscribe to the membership plan, they receive a physical monthly newsletter.
  • This gathers attention not only on platforms online like the podcast and email, but also offline.
  • Include affiliate offers in your newsletter as well as sponsorship opportunities to further your ROI.


joe fier

About Our Guest:

Joe Fier is one-half of the dynamic duo Matt and Joe from the very successful Hustle And Flowchart Podcast. He is also the Co-Founder of Evergreen Profits Marketing Strategist, working behind the scenes of some huge podcasts aside from his own. Joe is an entrepreneur, author, investor, and husband, and thrives on working with amazing authors, experts, and corporations to help each one make an impact.


Know more about Joe Fier on his website and subscribe to the Hustle And Flowchart Podcast. You may also reach Joe through his LinkedIn, and Twitter profile.


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