The Business of Podcasting Ep017: From 0 to 22,000 Downloads In Under 12 Months With Jaryd Krause

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If you’re like most people running a podcast, chances are you keep a very keen eye on how many downloads you’re hitting monthly. So, you pay heaps for ads, hoping that that’s what gets your podcast shown to more people. The question here is whether or not it will be effective - and yes, it will be - but only when done strategically. Lucky for you, we have just the expert to help.

Today, we chat with Jaryd Krause, Online Business Mentor and creator of the Buying Online Businesses Podcast, about his journey and tactics on using paid ads to accelerate growth and bring more sales to his core offer service. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned podcast creator, this episode is worth the listen.

We’ll be talking about:

  1. His takeaways & learnings from the early months of podcasting [04:01]
  2. Which one’s better: webinars or podcasts? [12:25]
  3. Techniques in growing your podcast [17:36]
  4. How to get people into your email list through Facebook videos [23:03]
  5. What makes people opt-in to emails [24:49]
  6. Maintaining a Successful Podcast [27:50]
  7. Planning topics and choosing guests for your show [31:50]
Jaryd Krause

About Our Guest:

Jaryd Krause is an expert Online Business Mentor and creator of the Buying Online Businesses Podcast. He has years of experience and success purchasing online businesses and teaching people how they can do the same. His biggest mission is to teach 1,000 people how to replace their current income, quit their 9-to-5, and live their dream life.

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