The Business of Podcasting Ep021: The Most Common Mistakes Podcasters Make With Charley Valher

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Being a pro at podcasting is a lot like becoming a successful amateur tennis player: not only do you need to avoid unforced errors, you also need to hit winners. 

Today, I go over my own experiences and observations from auditing hundreds of podcasts and share a list of the most common mistakes podcasters make. I also give insight and advice for those just starting out & those who need help in figuring out why their show might not be working as they’d expected. 


We’ll be talking about:

  1. Narrowing your niche and aligning your podcast with your business [02:21]
  2. Content and topic selection [05:44]
  3. Adding value to your show (and not leaving it up to your guest to provide) [09:12]
  4. Why preparedness is king [12:57]
  5. Quality over quantity [17:09]
  6. Waffles [18:34]
  7. The lack of innovation and point of difference [20:22]
  8. Leading listeners to your business and selling your product/service [22:12]

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