The Business of Podcasting Ep023: How To Make a Successful Podcast In a Competitive Niche With Scott Carson

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For anyone who has or is planning to create their own podcast, ‘settling to do minimum work and expecting maximum results’ is not the way to go. Add the fact that there are already hundreds and thousands of podcasts available and your show can easily disappear from radar. 

Today, we gain truly unique and valuable insights from Scott Carson, host of the popular Note Closers Show podcast and 10 years of experience in distressed mortgage and notes under his belt. We cover some one-of-a-kind strategies on growing your audience, making use of livestreams, the folly of thinking that big names guarantee success, and lots more.

This episode may be longer than usual, but it’s chock-full of techniques you and your podcast will be thankful for. 


Episode Highlights:

  1. Why Scott started podcasting & what lured him in [05:54]
  2. When (and how) did you start getting results from your podcast? [09:04]
  3. Growth strategies and marketing techniques [16:07]
  4. Do livestreams really produce a lot of impact? [20:23]
  5. Level up your podcast by doing videos [22:57]
  6. Podcasters fall into these two categories [23:48]
  7. What happens after the video podcast is live? [27:04]
  8. Should all podcasters only aim for a spot in the “New & Noteworthy” section? [30:52]
  9. The biggest mistakes he’s made (and best to avoid) [33:10]
  10. Big-name guests don’t always generate new subscribers or huge downloads [34:00]
  11. Turning your podcast into a successful business with good monetization [40:00]
  12. Do exclusive subscriptions really build up anticipation to ‘get in’ on what’s in? [45:39]
  13. Promoting resources aside from your own also offers value to your audience [47:31]
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About Our Guest:

Scott Carson is the host of the popular Note Closers Show Podcast and a nationally syndicated radio host with millions of listeners each month. He has been an active real estate investor and entrepreneur since 2002, focused on the niche of distressed mortgage and note industry since 2008. His 10 years of experience has also gotten Scott featured in many media outlets including but not limited to Investor’s Business Daily, The Wall Street Journal and Inc.com. 


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