The Business of Podcasting Ep025: Cutting Through The Noise by Being Different With Rob and Kennedy

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Every podcaster has a goal of growing their show and sometimes, the way they do it isn’t as efficient as it could be. 

Today, Rob & Kennedy, hosts of The Email Marketing Show and Founders of ResponseSuite, share their journey in the podcasting space and why they’re building their email list (rather than promoting their show) on social media. 

We also delve into their unique approach in bringing people to their podcast, why building a polarising brand attracts the right crowd, and why focusing on a niche is a huge plus for success.


Episode Highlights:

  1. What exactly are The Email Marketing Show & ResponseSuite? [05:12]
  2. The transition from general marketing to a focused niche [09:09]
  3. How can you come up with podcast topics? [11:33]
  4. Having a balance between being a “solo show” and an “interview show” [13:04]
  5. How to manage interviews when you have 2 hosts [14:37]
  6. The “Yes, and…” game [18:18]
  7. Building rapport through humour [19:55]
  8. The great relationship between podcasting and email marketing [23:14]
  9. Is there merit in building a list through other platforms to grow your show? [29:34] 
  10. Social media is your audience-building channel; podcasts, your relationship-builders [32:23]
  11. The process of preparing guests and having them on your show [34:54]
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About Our Guest:

Rob & Kennedy are the hosts of The Email Marketing Show podcast, Founders of the revolutionary survey platform ResponseSuite, and two of the most dynamic speakers on email marketing in the world. Sporting hairstyles that look like comic-book characters while having backgrounds in Psychology, hypnosis, and show-business, it’s hard to believe they’re serial entrepreneurs with an uncanny knack for building businesses by getting inside of customers’ heads.

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