The Business of Podcasting Ep026: How To Get Your Guests To Promote Your Podcast With Rob and Kennedy

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Every podcaster who does interview shows struggles in booking, interviewing, and following up on their guests to some degree. Building rapport is an added hurdle at times too.

On this episode, we continue last week’s conversation with Rob & Kennedy of The Email Marketing Show and dig into the process of preparing, emailing, scheduling, & interviewing guests, and reconnecting with them after the podcast goes live.

Much like the first part of this interview, there are heaps of golden nuggets in this episode that you should definitely not miss as a podcaster.

Episode Highlights:

  1. The process of preparing guests and having them on your show [02:19] 
  2. Emailing guests & making sure they’re prepared prior to the interview [04:58]
  3. What happens if a guest doesn’t complete a calendar booking? [11:57]
  4. Have a great post-interview process [15:07]
  5. Pre-show preparations for interviews [17:13]
  6. A genius way to build rapport with your guest [19:17]
  7. How the marketing of an episode plays out [22:43]
  8. A brilliant strategy for getting high-caliber guests on your show [25:19]
  9. Staying connected with a guest even after they show up on your podcast [29:02] 
  10. Create podcast episodes that are evergreen! [31:33]
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About Our Guest:

Rob & Kennedy are the hosts of The Email Marketing Show podcast, Founders of the revolutionary survey platform ResponseSuite, and two of the most dynamic speakers on email marketing in the world. Sporting hairstyles that look like comic-book characters while having backgrounds in Psychology, hypnosis, and show-business, it’s hard to believe they’re serial entrepreneurs with an uncanny knack for building businesses by getting inside of customers’ heads.

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