The Business of Podcasting Ep028: 3 Steps To Creating Powerful Stories in Your Podcast With Adil Amarsi

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How important is integrating great stories in your podcast? Turns out that it’s far more valuable in connecting with your audience than you may think.

During this episode, Adil Amarsi (of the Adil Amarsi Unplugged Podcast) and I talk about “StorySelling”, using stories to build trust and communication with your listeners, how to come up with unlimited stories, and dig into what makes (and breaks) a catchy headline.

If you’re a podcaster struggling with engaging your audience, building trust, or making attractive episode headlines, tune in to this episode!

Episode Highlights:

  1. His career and the Adil Amarsi Unplugged Podcast [03:43]
  2. The beginning of “StorySelling” [09:59]
  3. Using storytelling to build trust & communication with your audience [12:33] 
  4. Adil’s 3-Step Framework to finding unlimited stories for your podcast [17:31]
    • What was my greatest defeat that led me here? [20:26]
    • What was the point of no return/your victory? [21:35]
    • How did I go from defeat to victory? [27:48]
  5. Choosing a great headline for your episode [31:13]
  6. Never use these two words on your episode title! [32:36]
  7. The 3 types of headlines that actually work [38:05]
  8. Don’t combine all three headline types! [40:11]
  9. How you can get better at writing headlines [42:37] 
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About Our Guest:

Adil Amarsi is a copywriter, business consultant, and podcaster best known for his ability to write story-based, direct-response copy. Over his 12-year career, his clients have made over $700 Million dollars due to his advice, copy, and strategy. His clients have included Robbins Research Institution, Jay Abraham, Dov Baron, and many, many more. This has led to being one of the most sought after, and closely guarded secret weapons for marketers and business owners online and offline.


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