The Business of Podcasting Ep029: How To Plan, Prepare and Execute a High-quality Podcast Interview With Jaryd Krause

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Doing interviews sounds easy, but it’s barely a walk in the park.

Today, we are joined by Jaryd Krause of the Buying Online Businesses podcast to talk about planning, preparing, and executing top-tier podcast interviews. From pre-show preparations to post-show routines, we’ve got it covered.

Become a better host (or guest) by tuning in to the episode!

Episode Highlights:

  1. Avoid these three things when conducting interviews! [04:07]
  2. An approach to selecting guests and topics for your show [07:21]
  3. Topic first, guest selection later? [12:49]
  4. The next steps after finding a guest and topic [15:46]
  5. Be intentional about what your audience takes away from an episode [19:57]
  6. ‘Hero stories’ could use up time that’s better spent on the good stuff [21:10]
  7. Preparations before hitting ‘Record’ [26:05]
  8. Share the ‘shine’ and authority between you & your guest [29:06]
  9. Help make better guests: share your show’s information & objectives [31:22]
  10. Balance ‘shine’ by adding value & asking the right questions [33:41]
  11. Common mistakes made during interviews [35:56]
  12. Jaryd’s post-interview routine [37:59]
  13. Provide an easy way for guests to share their episode on socials [42:30]
  14. Create a great relationship with both your audience and your guest [45:24]
Guest Image_Jaryd Krause

About Our Guest:

Jaryd Krause is a sought-after online business mentor and host of the Buying Online Businesses podcast. He also runs the world’s largest community of people buying and selling successful website businesses so they can achieve their lifestyle goals.

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