The Business of Podcasting Ep030: Unique and Powerful Facebook Ad Strategies To Grow Your Podcast With Kim Barrett

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I think we can all agree that if you want to promote your business & reach more people, Facebook is a great place to run ads. 

Today, Kim Barrett (of The Kim Barrett Show) and I dig into how Facebook and other platforms are doing in the world of advertising. We talk about natively posting on socials, being intentional when creating ads, and heaps more.

Tune in and join us for an insightful episode!

Episode Highlights:

  1. A brief look into Kim’s business and podcast [03:39]
  2. The relationship between paid ads & podcasting [05:22]
  3. Does publishing natively on certain platforms matter? [07:42]
  4. Kim’s three-pronged approach to running ads on Facebook [11:09]
  5. Is there a minimum spend to get results on Facebook ads? [13:55]
  6. Is organic still effective, or is it all paid ads now? [17:14]
  7. Targeting different mobile users as another audience set [21:12]
  8. When something works, try repeating the process with tweaks every time [25:33]
  9. Other strategies to experiment with for podcast visibility & growth [29:31]
  10. Be intentional & focused - rather than generic & broad - when creating ads [33:42]
  11. Comparing platforms in terms of ad performance [36:50]
  12. Start with where your audience is at [39:01]
  13. Youtube ads is a whole different playing field [40:31]
  14. Advertising mistakes to avoid and stay away from [41:35]
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About Our Guest:

Kim Barrett is a world renowned Social Media Marketer with a focus on Facebook. He is an International Best-selling author, speaker and trainer, having taught marketing around the world and helping businesses grow to 6 and 7 figures. He is also the Founder of Your Social Voice, which helps businesses get heard on social media, and most importantly, build engagement, and generate more leads and sales.

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