The Business of Podcasting Ep033: Copywriting Pro Reveals His Secret to High-converting Podcast Titles with Adil Amarsi

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Writing titles for podcast episodes sounds easy, but creating ones that intrigue an audience? That’s next-level.

In today’s episode, Adil Amarsi shares his process of coming up with engaging, relatable, high-converting podcast titles and using stories in your content and emails for greater impact. 

Tune in for an incredible mini crash course in professional copywriting!

Episode Highlights:

  1. A common mistake people make when writing podcast titles [04:07]
  2. The value of stand-out titles accompanied by good SEO [06:10]
  3. Adil’s process for creating high-converting podcast titles (Method 1) [10:42]
  4. A complex, highfalutin title isn’t always the best route [16:35]
  5. Cases when jargon (niche-specific words) in titles work [18:33]
  6. A second method to capture audience intrigue in your titles [19:59]
  7. Examples of podcast titles that work [25:53]
  8. Building listeners’ eagerness to uncover what’s inside the episode [31:10]
  9. Include ‘tangibles’ in titles to add intrigue to your episode [36:30]
  10. Creating subject lines for email are different from making podcast titles [38:39]
  11. An approach to writing effective emails [44:30]
  12. Entice people to listen to your podcast through a short, intriguing video ad [47:42]
  13. Story-driven emails and content [51:45]
  14. If you’re telling a story, make it relatable & believable [57:28]
  15. If you’re a beginner story-teller, where should you start? [1:06:30]
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About Our Guest:

Adil Amarsi is a copywriter, business consultant, and podcaster best known for his ability to write story-based, direct-response copy. Over his 12-year career, his clients have made over $700 Million dollars due to his advice, copy, and strategy. His clients have included Robbins Research Institution, Jay Abraham, Dov Baron, and many, many more. This has led to being one of the most sought after, and closely guarded secret weapons for marketers and business owners online and offline.

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