The Business of Podcasting Ep034: What You Need to Know About the Future of Podcasting – Industry Update

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The podcasting industry is seeing some major improvements and today, I’m laying it out to help you plan the next steps for your show.

From Joe Rogan’s exclusive Spotify deal, Ommy Studio’s deeper analytics, to a new tool called Chartable - I share updates on the industry, get you familiar with tools for growth & better insights, and offer a peek at what the future of podcasting looks like.

Episode Highlights:

  1. Joe Rogan’s $100 million exclusive deal with Spotify [02:06]
  2. Spotify could be the biggest platform for podcasting in the near future [06:06]
  3. Listening to a podcast in streaming mode could give inaccurate analytics [07:49]
  4. Omny Studio’s analytics provides great, deeper insight on your podcast [08:58]
  5. ‘Chartable SmartLinks’: A better tool to promote and track your podcast [11:11]
  6. High-quality content will get you ahead in the industry [15:06]
  7. Podcast ads will get a bigger space to play in [16:16]
  8. Video podcasting is the future [17:48]

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