The Business of Podcasting Ep035: How to Get High-profile Guests on Your Podcast with Zachary Babcock

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If you’ve been struggling with getting guests to say yes to your show, this episode might just be your big leap.

Zachary Babcock (of Underdog Empowerment) and I talk about contacting & pitching to guests, nurturing & maintaining relationships with them, pre-interview preparations, and using The Big Reach Tracker.

There’s so much gold in this episode, so tune in now! 

Episode Highlights:

  1. What is the Underdog Empowerment podcast all about? [03:12]
  2. The process of getting access to high-profile guests for your podcast [07:12]
  3. How to decide on who to invite as a guest on your show [12:31]
  4. Using The Big Reach Tracker & getting your target guests onboard [15:09]
  5. Various ways to acquire guests’ contact details [20:43]
  6. Email Replies: When does persistence turn into ignorance? [25:02]
  7. High-profile guests attract the attention of others like them [29:32]
  8. Useful tactics to encourage guests to say yes to your show [31:03]
  9. Pre-interview preparations and creating a good atmosphere with your guest [32:29]
  10. Nurturing relationships and rapport beyond the podcast [35:53]
  11. Do high-profile guests affect download peaks and declines? [42:20]
  12. Taking control of the narrative and shining alongside your guest [46:28]
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About Our Guest:

Zachary Babcock is an entrepreneur, a business coach, and the host of the Underdog Empowerment podcast. From being in prison for over 5 years to scaling a 6-figure business, he has turned his life around and is now helping underdog entrepreneurs to launch, grow, and monetize top shelf passive income businesses and personal brands. 

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