The Business of Podcasting Ep038: How to Get Your Podcast Back on Track After a Break

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Do you have a podcast where you haven’t uploaded anything to for a while? 


Let’s say you want to get your show back on track, but your numbers don’t seem to be picking up like before, and now, you’re not sure what to do. All you know is you’ve gone back to square one and need a solution - fast!

If you’re someone who wants to get out of the pit and rebuild that much-needed traction, this is THE episode to dive into.

Today, I’ll be sharing some of the things that I’ve learned while taking a break myself. You’ll hear more about the consequences of missing weekly uploads, why you need to plan your episodes ahead of time, and so much more.

Tune in to the episode now!

Episode Highlights:

  1. It’s crucial to bank 4 weeks’ worth of episodes in advance (and have consistent uploads) [02:46]
  2. Bring your “A” game to get back to your former glory [05:33]
  3. Having 3 episodes in advance allows more time to produce assets for marketing [07:27]
  4. Boost your upcoming podcast episodes with big-name guests [08:44]
  5. Double your marketing efforts to regain & rebuild momentum [10:20]
  6. Reconnect with your past guests and tap prospective new ones [11:42]
  7. Conduct a marketing analysis and see what works (and what doesn’t) [12:29]

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