The Business of Podcasting Ep039: Why Podcasting Isn’t for Everyone (and What it Really Takes to Be Successful) with Dave Jackson

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Way back in 2005, very few people knew what a podcast was, and how it would fit into our advancing society. Nowadays, it seems like everybody has one (or is thinking about it).

If you’ve ever thought about podcasting at any point in your life, this episode was meant for you. From Dave Jackson’s experiences starting out as an early adopter of the platform, to profiting from your podcast, we discussed so much gold that it would be a crime not to listen in.

So, if you’re trying to dip your toes into the world of podcasting, tune in, take notes, and find out what it takes to have a successful podcast.

Episode Highlights:

  1. Dave expected podcasting to grow the way it has today [03:13]
  2. Starting a podcast membership site before people knew what it was [6:00]
  3. When (and how) did podcasting gain major traction? [09:09]
  4. Traits of a successful podcast [12:48]
  5. How long do you need to podcast until it can become your full-time, revenue-generating gig? [19:13]
  6. Be yourself - your audience wants to connect with you, not a copycat [22:21]
  7. How can you stand out in podcasting today? [25:04]
  8. Apples vs Oranges: Don’t compare your podcast with someone else’s [29:30]
  9. Showing vulnerability can help you grow your podcast [33:16]
  10. You can technically earn money on day one, but don’t expect the ‘big bucks’ [34:56]
  11. How can you discern if your show actually works and has potential? [37:30]
  12. Marks of an exceptional podcast (and the not-so exceptional) [40:06]
  13. Be the goalie of your podcast content [45:36]
  14. The future of video podcasts in comparison to audio [49:25]
  15. “Profit from Your Podcast”: Why write a book about monetisation? [53:31]
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About Our Guest:

Dave Jackson began podcasting in 2005 and one of his shows (launched the same year) named School of Podcasting, has over 2.5 million downloads. Dave has helped hundreds of people plan, launch and grow their podcast, has authored the book, Profit From Your Podcast (coming out September 2020), and is a featured speaker at events. In 2016 Dave joined Libsyn (the largest podcast hosting company) as part of their tech support team and in 2018, he was inducted into the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame. 

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