The Business of Podcasting Ep043: It’s Not Luck… Fish Where the Fish Are

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If you think you can grow your podcast just by sheer luck, I’ve got some news for you…

You can’t. 

Sure, you can sit back and hope for the best, but truly getting your show noticed and heard by the people that matter requires effort, skill, and time.

Today’s episode tackles the first steps to making sure your show hits the runway prepped and ready for success... and why it’s very similar to how you think about fishing.

So if you have a podcast (or are just starting out), having answers to the why’s, how’s, where’s, and what’s is crucial to starting right.

Let’s get into it!

Episode Highlights:

  1. The idea behind fishing where the fish are [03:30]
  2. Know what ‘fish’ (audience) you’re trying to catch [06:35]
  3. Defining your audience helps you figure out where to find them [07:35]
  4. What equipment do you need to catch ‘fish’ with? [09:58]
  5. Hook your audience with the right types of bait [12:03]
  6. How do you reel them in skillfully? [13:50]
  7. Looking after your audience once they’ve been reeled in [15:55]
  8. Measuring and weighing your catch [18:02]
  9. Keep a record of what works and what doesn’t [19:20]

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