The Business of Podcasting Ep047: Tactically Great, But Strategically Poor — Why Your Podcast Isn’t Working

Here’s a hard, but necessary pill podcasters must swallow:

Putting in maximum effort towards your podcast doesn’t automatically equate to reaping the desired results.

Especially if you’re executing tactics or activities against the wrong strategy.

Frankly, you can be rubbish at tactics but still have a successful podcast—if you’ve got your strategy down pat.

But of course, you’ll get much better results if both are aligned.

And that’s exactly what we’ll dive into in today’s episode. We teach you the difference between strategies and tactics, how to know if you’ve been executing the wrong strategy, and how to find the right strategy for your podcast.

Want to make sure all your hard work translates to results?

Press play now.

Episode Highlights:

  1. Welcome to the Business of Podcasting! [00:00]
  2. The difference between strategy and tactics [01:53]
  3. Why so many podcasts are strategically misaligned [04:33]
  4. Example of a strategically AND tactically great podcast [09:23]
  5. Common strategic mistake #1: Focusing on vanity metrics [15:48]
  6. Common strategic mistake #2: Not matching content with goals [19:36]
  7. Tactical gaps most podcasters leave unfilled [23:39]
  8. How to self-audit your podcast [28:15]
  9. Essential advice for anyone starting a podcast [36:04]

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