The Business of Podcasting Ep048: Podcast Growth vs. Conversion (And How to Balance Both)

We’ve heard so many podcasters say “I’m in this for the long game,” only for their show to fizzle out in about a year.

But in most cases, it isn’t their commitment that’s causing this problem.

The main reason this happens is that they never find the right balance between growth and conversions.

Focus too much on views and downloads and you’ll end up pulling the plug for lack of ROI. But sell too hard to your audience and they’ll eventually stop consuming your content.

To make sure your podcast is built to last, we reveal the secrets for a perfect growth and conversion balance in this week’s episode!

We also impart the best ways you can implement strategies and tactics to improve your efforts on both camps.

If you want a sustainable and profitable podcast, then make sure to tune in to the whole episode.

Episode Highlights:

  1. Welcome to The Business of Podcasting! [00:00]
  2. Differentiating podcast growth vs conversion [01:55]
  3. Commons reasons for growth and conversion imbalance [06:16]
  4. Why podcasters give up before seeing returns [10:09]
  5. A podcast with the right balance between growth and conversion [13:16]
  6. Why generating revenue from sponsorships is extremely difficult [16:26]
  7. How to achieve the perfect balance between growth and conversion [18:57]
  8. Making your offer less about you and more about your audience [23:53]
  9. Are you pitching too hard in your podcast? [27:24]
  10. The risks of growth and conversion imbalance [29:57]
  11. Actionable steps for improving your growth and conversion balance [32:20]

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