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"Charley and the team have be providing guidance and with our ads since we started in 2018.

As we grew, we started to hit scaling issues. Our lead costs were increasing, lead quality decreasing and lead quantity being lower than before.

The Valher Media knew exactly why, created new funnels, brought our lead costs down, improved the quality and was able to support the whole sales team.

Over the last year, we have surpassed a $20m valuation and have Valher Media to thank for that.”

Goose McGrath | DashDot


"The company and I hit a growth ceiling. I knew we wouldn’t be able to scale further without a new approach to advertising.

That’s exactly when we brought on Charley and the Valher Media team.
Since then, our sales team has grown and our revenue has become more predictable.

Their attention to detail is what I have been impressed with most. They take feedback from the sales team and adjust their approach based on it, this is extremely rare for a marketing agency.
I appreciate everything you are continuing to do for us.”

Toni Versic | The Empowered Man

Ben Lee | Catapult Homes & Street Home Loans

Chris Morrison | Predictable Sales

Goose McGrath | DashDot

Iggy Odighizuwa | AI Setters

Jake Wilmott | Fitribe

Liam Morin | Gauvreau

Toni Versic | The Empowered Man Method

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