The Business of Podcasting Ep003: Using Paid Ads to Amplify Your Podcast (and business) with Will Wang

Podcasting is a gateway to engage your audience with more valuable content. Today, we have Will Wang of Growth Labz share his experience on expanding his podcast, Marketing From The Trenches. Knowing which online platforms you can use to get more people watching, listening, and subscribing is vital.

In this episode, we share how using different platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn can grow your podcast. With podcasting as a springboard, we also talk about how experimenting with varying types of content on different platforms will lead to better engagement and more conversions.


Podcast Growth Strategies You Need to Start Using Now

How do you Promote Your Podcast on Facebook?

  • Investing from 50 cents to $400 on Facebook Ads to place your video podcast in the platform could reap significant returns. It can bring in one to 50,000 views for 30 minutes worth of video content.
  • Retargeting audiences keeps them involved. Retargeting podcasts your current content to users who already engaged with previous content, then takes them to your other resources.
  • Facebook Ads cost less than email lists: newsletters can cost about $1.00 to get someone on an email list. Facebook Ads can generate more engagement and at a lower cost.

How Does Podcast Content Work Across Different Platforms?

  • Test different angles for different markets, including releasing varied types of podcast episodes to see what audiences respond to, before expanding into webinars.
  • Consider exploring other platforms, particularly YouTube and LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn, Quora and Reddit are surprising platforms that can also generate more traffic.
  • It is crucial to determine if your product is suitable on a particular platform. With a lot of traffic coming in, do not exhaust the audience with specialized content.

How can Podcasting be Used as a Lead Magnet?

  • With valuable content, podcasting serves as the conversion point for engaging audiences to join your email list.
  • Charley and Will share the sentiment on how they consume podcasts more than any other medium.
  • As a visual learner, Will expresses how listening to audio content is step one. Once he is motivated to know more about the topic, he gets a book and reads more into it.
  • How you engage with content and your medium preference varies from person to person.
will wang

About Our Guest:

Will Wang is the CEO and Founder of the digital marketing agency Growth Labz, who specialize in Facebook Ads and email marketing. The agency helps clients acquire more leads, sales, and revenue. Will is also the host of the Marketing From The Trenches podcast. In his podcast, he shares strategies, case studies, and examples of what works in real-world marketing from Growth Labz and his guests.


Will has worked with companies such as oOh!media, Yellow Brick Road, and NEC, helping them use the right strategies, systems, and data to increase their bottom line.


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