The Business of Podcasting Ep004: How Niche Should Your Podcast Be with Stephanie Campanella

It’s challenging to find the right fit when you’re not sure where to place yourself and your podcast. These days, it’s always a question between going broad or finding your niche when creating content. 

In this episode, our guest Stephanie Campanella discusses the importance of niche in the podcast business. She shares her approach to making her podcast. She also shares the strategies she learned as a podcast listener herself, and how she uses keyword research to develop the content of her podcast.


How to Find the Perfect Niche for Your Podcast

How to be Intentional in Finding Your Niche

  • If you don’t know your customers and what they want, you will never score a try or get to the end zone.
  • Podcast podcasts fail because they go too broad with their content.
  • Audiences listen to a particular podcast for a reason.

How to Align Your Podcast With What Your Business Offers

  • Podcasting is an excellent link between people getting to know you and becoming your clients.
  • Knowing that your client is consuming your content podcasts how invested the client is with your business.
  • Typically, when a listener reaches their third podcast, conversations and sales calls go much smoother.

How to Bring In Listeners Using Marketing Strategies

  • Instagram is an excellent platform for repurposing content.
  • It’s essential to put your podcast in all of your social media networks: YouTube, Instagram, and even your email signatures.
  • Instagram is like a goldmine that always drives good leads.
  • Going all-in and using one traffic source is better for your business in the long run. Know who your customers are and where they hang out.

How to Deal With Trend Changes and Social Media

  • While Instagram and other social media sites are excellent platforms, everything should still be on your website.
  • What are you capable of doing on multiple platforms? How much are you willing to risk on single-source dependency?
  • There’s only so much you can schedule in a day. Rather than doing a terrible job across all platforms, stick to one or two.

How to Be Your Own Show Sponsor

  • Launch episodes featuring a key product.
  • Every podcast episode is a bite-sized chunk of what you’re offering.
  • The listenership of your podcast is at their all-time high at the start of your podcast.
  • Activity and engagement increase when the call to action is working.

How to Put Intent Into Your Content

  • Look into the pain points of your audience.
  • Picking a title involves searching for it on Google to get some SEO traction from it.
  • Asking your client’s struggles is a great place to start.
  • A podcast appearing in Google search results could be a better experience for the user and a smarter way to sell your product. 

How to Create a Niche Within a Niche

  • If you want to make a million dollars a year, you need $86,000 a month. If you have 10–20 clients giving you your monthly $86,000, there is nothing wrong with niching down.
  • There is a small safety in small niches. 
  • When your focus is so broad, how are you going to build rapport with your audience?

What is the Future of Podcasting?

  • Podcasting will become more mainstream than it already is.
  • The intimacy of listening to a podcast is a meaningful relationship to nurture between you and your listeners.
  • It’s still more comfortable to do a podcast than make videos.

Is It Too Late to Start Podcasting?

  • There’s always someone who has done the same thing you do. The question is: can you do it better?
  • Everyone has a particular style or flavour.
  • Just be yourself and be the best version of yourself.
  • Ask different questions. Ask the questions you want to know the answers to.
stephanie campanella

About Our Guest:

Stephanie Campanella is the host of the Nailing It podcast. She’s a creative mentor who loves fine art and dabbles with graphic design. Her passion lies in helping creatives thrive in their business, with a steady revenue and a team they can rely on.


Learn more about Stephanie Campanella on her website.

Listen to Stephanie’s Podcast: Nailing It

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