The Business of Podcasting Ep042: A Step by Step Process for Using SEO to Grow Your Podcast with Gert Mellak

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If you’ve already been in the podcasting game for quite some time, you’ve probably already asked yourself this: “What do I have to do to rank #1 on Google?”

Every podcaster’s dream is to be heard by the 7.5 billion people on the planet—and avoid pouring money down the drain.

But if we can’t even get to page one on the search results, how can we expect to get our hands on the traffic that’s just out there for the taking?

How do we know that our content is what the audience actually wants?

And how intentional should we be with content and SEO to play with the big leagues?

Those are just some of the questions we cover today with Gert Mellak from SEOLeverage. From figuring out if SEO can be the only podcast growth rider, to knowing what keywords you can and can’t compete for - we unpack so much in today’s episode.

While the saying is true that “content is king”, SEO is the not-so-secret weapon podcasters should be utilising from the start.

If you’re ready to rank, tune in and get an introductory lesson on SEO for podcasting!

Episode Highlights:

  1. All about Gert and SEO Leverage [02:11]
  2. Is it possible for SEO to be the only podcast growth driver? [04:56]
  3. Does intent on content creation need to change to take advantage of SEO? [06:26]
  4. Pick your battles - always know who you can compete with [08:30]
  5. Keyword research and niche topics are key to ranking on Google [10:11]
  6. How to find out what keywords you can and can’t compete for [13:45]
  7. Podcasting for the long game vs buying a domain name with a high authority [16:34]
  8. What can podcasters do to appear more on Google searches? [20:47]
  9. Google wants to make users happy [23:06]
  10. Factors involved in competing for better ranking and visibility [26:58]
  11. Is SEO something podcasters can do themselves & what do they need to start? [33:10]
  12. What are backlinks and how important are they? [37:16] 
  13. The most popular way to get backlinks is through guest posting [40:33]  
  14. What’s the next step for podcasters to help them get ranked? [45:29]
  15. All podcasts can be suited for SEO... if every episode is done with intent [51:09]
  16. Not all episodes have to be ranked by Google [55:05]
  17. SEO is the key to driving traffic to your site [58:05] 
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About Our Guest:

With 20 years of experience in SEO, Gert Mellak is the go-to guy in optimising your website to rank better on Google. He is the Founder and CEO of SEOLeverage, specialising in SEO deep dive audits, and high-level SEO consulting. He also offers private coaching and training. He also authored The Erica Framework which offers an in-depth explanation on how you can top the Google search results and get better ROI.

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