The Business of Podcasting Ep022: What Podcasters Should be Doing Differently During the Crisis With Charley Valher

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The world is in crisis. In just the last month, the landscape of podcasting has changed drastically and there are things you should be doing to your podcast so that you can navigate the current environment and flourish when this period is over.

Today, I’d like to cover points such as where podcasters are hurting the most, things you should avoid doing, and what isn’t working. I also highlight opportunities you can take advantage of as a podcaster in this time. This crisis shouldn’t stop your show from growing - this is the time to level-up!


Episode Highlights:

  1. Watch what you say - you are the media! [03:27]
  2. Observations on the impact of this crisis in the world of podcasting [05:48]
  3. Where podcasts are being hit by the crisis [08:21]
  4. What’s working for podcasters at the moment? [12:57]
  5. Now’s the time to bring in those guests [14:05]
  6. Paid advertising is getting cheaper, reaching more [15:32]
  7. Take advantage of Facebook live [17:36]
  8. The business of selling and providing discounts [19:41]
  9. As a podcaster, what should you focus on right now? [21:04]

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