The Business of Podcasting Ep027: Charley’s Biggest Podcasting Failures (and How To Overcome Them)

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Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Learn from the mistakes of others,” and she couldn’t have phrased it any better.

Much like anything in life, podcasting is also something to be learned and honed, and for this episode, we dive into some of the biggest failures I’ve had in my podcasting journey. From struggles with technology to preparing and interviewing guests, there’s plenty of insights in this one.

If you’re a struggling podcaster or have been meaning to start your own show, definitely take notes as we’ve got lots to cover.

Episode Highlights:

  1. Struggles & mistakes to avoid on the tech side [02:37]
  2. A foolproof plan to prevent making tech mistakes in the future [08:17]
  3. Content Failures: Be purposeful and get to the point! [09:55]
  4. Be yourself… people can weed out fakes [12:09]
  5. Big-name guests are great - just don’t get too starstruck! [13:47]
  6. Don’t be the “yes” guy - contribute your own thoughts to add value [16:58]
  7. Prepare, research, repeat. [18:43]
  8. Promotion & marketing blues to watch out for [21:34]
  9. Email lists are important to reaching more people & engaging your audience [25:07]
  10. Involve your guests in promoting their episode [26:13]
  11. Content quality makes all the difference [29:03]
  12. Strategic failures when podcasting [30:24]
  13. Finding your niche [34:17] 
  14. Actively present a call to action [36:48]

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