The Business of Podcasting Ep031: Results and Thoughts From Spending $10,000 Promoting Podcasts With Twitter Ads

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If Twitter ads aren't on your radar, this episode just might change your mind.

This episode answers the general question of, “Is Twitter ads worth your while and budget?”. We talk about the strategies I used, the results of the tests I made, the pros and cons, and the final verdict.

Tune in to the episode and find out if Twitter’s for you!

Episode Highlights:

  1. Why work with Twitter ads? [02:38]
  2. Specific ad targeting on Twitter [06:34]
  3. Choosing what content to promote from your podcast [09:44]
  4. Gain attention by short & punchy curiosity-based tweets [11:58]
  5. The Big ‘B’: Budget (and Strategy) [13:47]
  6. Twitter is a great way to grow your podcast - depending on your niche [15:47]
  7. The remarketing platform on Twitter [16:38]
  8. The results of using Twitter ads [18:34]
  9. The pros of advertising on Twitter [20:03]
  10. The cons of Twitter ads [23:36]
  11. To do, or not to do? (The Verdict) [25:02]

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