The Business of Podcasting Ep036: Podcast Studio Upgrade – What I Bought and Why

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You might’ve heard the phrase, “why fix something if it ain’t broke”, but it doesn’t apply when it comes to upgrading your gear for a better quality podcast.

In this episode, I share why I decided to upgrade my audio & video equipment, the software I use that have made recording easier, and why room setup is incredibly important.

If you’re thinking about making an upgrade, tune in to the episode!

Episode Highlights:

  1. Why bother upgrading? [02:13]
  2. My upgrade requirements based on need [05:29]
  3. Good audio makes all the difference [09:15]
  4. My video setup: before and after the upgrade [14:01]
  5. Software I’ve been using to make everything seamless [20:06]
  6. Your room setup can make your podcast better (or worse) [23:39]

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