The Business of Podcasting Ep019: Behind the Scenes of a Brand New Podcast With Will Wang

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Podcasting is fast becoming an essential component of any brand or business to further their reach and visibility. However, if you’ve got no idea on how to start one and grow your audience, it will only survive a few episodes before people stop listening altogether.  

Today, we chat with Will Wang, CEO and Founder of the digital marketing agency Growth Labz, and the host of the newly-created The Content Driven Business podcast. We cover the ‘hows’ and ‘whats’ of starting your podcast, growth strategies, and other insights and tips from his experience behind the scenes.

If you’re in the early stage of your podcast, or changing a few things about an already-established show, this is an episode you don’t want to miss.

Topics we’re covering:

  1. What The Content Driven Business is and why it’s a good niche for podcasting [03:16]
  2. Finding your niche and deciding when it’s too narrow or too broad [05:34]
  3. Why video episodes are valuable in addition to audio podcasts [07:39]
  4. Things to prepare to kick-start your podcast and help it grow [10:03]
  5. Using episode snippets to run paid ads and grow your show [12:37]
  6. How to reach audiences without a big-name guest for your podcast [15:45]
  7. Using organic promotion to grow your audience [17:04]
  8. Why you should have a mix of interview, solo, or co-hosted episodes [19:16]
  9. Converting your listeners into email subscribers, then into customers [24:09]
  10. How to decide on topics to cover on your podcast [26:44]

About Our Guest:

Will Wang is the CEO and Founder of the digital marketing agency Growth Labz, who specializes in Facebook Ads and email marketing. The agency helps clients acquire more leads, sales, and revenue. Will is also the host of the Marketing From The Trenches podcast and the newly-created The Content Driven Business podcast. 


Will has worked with companies such as oOh!media, Yellow Brick Road, and NEC, helping them use the right strategies, systems, and data to increase their bottom line.


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