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The Business of Podcasting Ep029: How To Plan, Prepare and Execute a High-quality Podcast Interview With Jaryd Krause

May 19, 2020

Today, we are joined by Jaryd Krause of the Buying Online Businesses podcast to talk about planning, preparing, and executing top-tier podcast interviews. From pre-show preparations to post-show routines, we’ve got it covered.

The Business of Podcasting Ep028: 3 Steps To Creating Powerful Stories in Your Podcast With Adil Amarsi

May 12, 2020

During this episode, Adil Amarsi (of the Adil Amarsi Unplugged Podcast) and I talk about “StorySelling”, using stories to build trust and communication with your listeners, how to come up with unlimited stories, and dig into what makes (and breaks) a catchy headline.

The Business of Podcasting Ep027: Charley’s Biggest Podcasting Failures (and How To Overcome Them)

May 5, 2020

Much like anything in life, podcasting is also something to be learned and honed, and for this episode, we dive into some of the biggest failures I’ve had in my podcasting journey. From struggles with technology to preparing and interviewing guests, there’s plenty of insights in this one.

The Business of Podcasting Ep026: How To Get Your Guests To Promote Your Podcast With Rob and Kennedy

April 29, 2020

On this episode, we continue last week’s conversation with Rob & Kennedy of The Email Marketing Show and dig into the process of preparing, emailing, scheduling, & interviewing guests, and reconnecting with them after the podcast goes live.

The Business of Podcasting Ep025: Cutting Through The Noise by Being Different With Rob and Kennedy

April 22, 2020

Today, Rob & Kennedy, hosts of The Email Marketing Show and Founders of ResponseSuite, share their journey in the podcasting space and why they’re building their email list (rather than promoting their show) on social media.

The Business of Podcasting Ep024: Results From Spending $200,000 on Podcast Sponsorships With Tim Soulo

April 15, 2020

Today, I speak with Tim Soulo, CMO and Product Advisor at Ahrefs. We talk about his experience spending $200,000 on podcast sponsorships, the learnings taken from initial trials, how they choose a show to sponsor, the importance of trackable metrics in sponsoring podcasts, and much, much more.

The Business of Podcasting Ep023: How To Make a Successful Podcast In a Competitive Niche With Scott Carson

April 8, 2020

Today, we gain truly unique and valuable insights from Scott Carson, host of the popular Note Closers Show podcast and 10 years of experience in distressed mortgage and notes under his belt. We cover some one-of-a-kind strategies on growing your audience, making use of livestreams, the folly of thinking that big names guarantee success, and lots more.

The Business of Podcasting Ep022: What Podcasters Should be Doing Differently During the Crisis With Charley Valher

April 1, 2020

Today, I’d like to cover points such as where podcasters are hurting the most, things you should avoid doing, and what isn’t working. I also highlight opportunities you can take advantage of as a podcaster in this time. This crisis shouldn’t stop your show from growing – this is the time to level-up!

The Business of Podcasting Ep021: The Most Common Mistakes Podcasters Make With Charley Valher

March 25, 2020

Today, I go over my own experiences and observations from auditing hundreds of podcasts and share a list of the most common mistakes podcasters make. I also give insight and advice for those just starting out & those who need help in figuring out why their show might not be working as they’d expected.

The Business of Podcasting Ep020: Your Questions Answered! (Q&A With Charley)

March 11, 2020

Have you ever wanted to start a podcast but didn’t know where to start, what equipment to use, and what to look out for so your show takes off well? Good news – this episode is just for you. Along with answering your questions, I’ll be giving tips on how to tackle your podcast so it’s set up for success.

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