The Business of Podcasting Ep023: How To Make a Successful Podcast In a Competitive Niche With Scott Carson

Today, we gain truly unique and valuable insights from Scott Carson, host of the popular Note Closers Show podcast and 10 years of experience in distressed mortgage and notes under his belt. We cover some one-of-a-kind strategies on growing your audience, making use of livestreams, the folly of thinking that big names guarantee success, and lots more.

The Business of Podcasting Ep017: From 0 to 22,000 Downloads In Under 12 Months With Jaryd Krause

In this episode, we chat with Jaryd Krause, Online Business Mentor and creator of the Buying Online Businesses Podcast, about what it was like for him starting out and how his business has evolved, and dive into some growth strategies. We also talk about how he’s using paid ads to accelerate growth and bring more sales, and how he decides on guests and topics for each episode.


The Business of Podcasting Ep014: How to Get Big Names On Your Podcast With Joe Fier

Today, we will be joined by Joe Fier, co-host of the Hustle And Flowchart Podcast and co-founder of Evergreen Profits, to let you in on some tips about getting big players on your show, insights on using their unique Dream 100 strategy, working with a co-host in interviewing, growing your audience, expanding your reach, and monetising your podcast. This episode will motivate you to make your podcast even better, with the added value guest experts will definitely bring to the table.

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