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As of late, more and more people are starting their own podcasts—from people with an already existing client base to those who are starting from scratch, including business owners.

Either way, it can be a challenge for everyone, especially if you are unfamiliar with how things work. It’s not really the same as starting a blog or creating videos.

Hosted by entrepreneur, educator, and critically-acclaimed speaker Charley Valher, the show aims to give you the nitty-gritty of podcasting to take your show to the next level. Sit tight, listen closely, and find the answers to your questions about brainstorming, structuring your show, recording & editing, and many more!

Episode 001: Podcast Growth Strategies with Matt Wolfe


The Business of Podcasting Ep001: Podcast Growth Strategies with Matt Wolfe

As a podcaster, it is important to know how to grow not just your audience, but your entire show as well. We had Matt Wolfe of the Hustle and Flowchart Podcast share his insights on this topic. Hustle and Flowchart is one of the worlds leading podcasts about business.
In this episode, Matt shares his top three strategies on growing your show. He also shared some of the effective methods they use for monetizing their show. We talk about paid ads, what show notes can do, and more, so sit back and enjoy the show.

Episode 002: The Ultimate Conversion Tool with James Schramko


The Business of Podcasting Ep002: The Ultimate Conversion Tool with James Schramko

Having a successful podcast channel means putting together high-quality shows. Each episode needs the perfect mix of the right guest, the right questions, and the right narrative. This episode is all about running a podcast that can stand out. Our special guest, James Schramko, will share his years of knowledge on this subject.

Episode 003: Using Paid Ads to Amplify Your Podcast (and business) with Will Wang


The Business of Podcasting Ep003: Using Paid Ads to Amplify Your Podcast (and business) with Will Wang

Podcasting is a gateway to engage your audience with more valuable content. Today, we have Will Wang of Growth Labz share his experience on expanding his podcast, Marketing From The Trenches. Knowing which online platforms you can use to get more people watching, listening, and subscribing is vital.

In this episode, we share how using different platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn can grow your show. With podcasting as a springboard, we also talk about how experimenting with varying types of content on different platforms will lead to better engagement and more conversions.

Episode 004: How Niche Should Your Podcast Be with Stephanie Campanella


The Business of Podcasting Ep004: How Niche Should Your Podcast Be with Stephanie Campanella

In this episode, our guest Stephanie Campanella discusses the importance of niche in the podcast business. She shares her approach to making her podcast. She also shares the strategies she learned as a podcast listener herself, and how she uses keyword research to develop the content of her podcast.

Episode 005: The 3 P's of Podcasting with Adam Jaffrey


The Business of Podcasting Ep005: The 3 P’s of Podcasting with Adam Jaffrey

In this episode, we invited Adam Jaffrey from Wavelength Creative to discuss his “3 P’s” framework in podcasting. The 3 P’s are essential elements in podcasting: production, packaging, and promotion. He presents compelling examples of each of the three Ps. Then, he talks about when to focus on each particular aspect of podcasting.