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With the podcasting space becoming increasingly crowded, shows face stiff competition as podcasters struggle to rise above the noise.

How do you stand out? More importantly, how do you get the results that you want for and from your podcast?

Hosted by Valher Media pillars Charley Valher and Grant Merriel, The Business of Podcasting dives into everything you need to know about podcast growth strategies and tactics.

Sit tight, listen closely, and find the answers to your questions about brainstorming, structuring your podcast, recording & editing and many more!

Ready to take your podcast to the next level? Just click on any one of our episodes below.

The Business of Podcasting Ep049: Is Your Podcast Worth The Effort? Signs It’s Time To Stop Or Pivot

We talk about the importance of regularly evaluating your podcast even when it’s doing well, and which metrics to keep track of.

Plus, we guide you through the steps you need to take after making a decision based on your assessment.

The Business of Podcasting Ep048: Podcast Growth vs. Conversion (And How to Balance Both)

We reveal the secrets for a perfect growth and conversion balance…

And impart the best ways you can implement strategies and tactics to improve your efforts on both camps.

The Business of Podcasting Ep047: Tactically Great, But Strategically Poor — Why Your Podcast Isn’t Working

We teach you the difference between strategies and tactics, how to know if you’ve been executing the wrong strategy, and how to find the right strategy for your podcast.

The Business of Podcasting Ep046: Why Video Podcasting is No Longer Optional

We explain why video podcasting will surpass audio in 2022 and how you can use videos to leverage your podcast growth. We also go over some tips on how to start or shift to video podcasting.

The Business of Podcasting Ep045: Insights from Over 100 Podcast Audits in 2020

Today, I’ll be sharing with you my insights and observations on the common mistakes in podcasting (after auditing over 100 shows this year alone), and how you can stop making them!

The Business of Podcasting Ep044: A Simple (But Effective) Way to Get on More Podcasts with Kristin Molenaar

Today on the podcast, I am joined by Kristin Molenaar, CEO of YesBoss. We unpack ideas like how to pitch to become a guest, why it isn’t necessary to be on every social media platform to reach people, and why niching is especially important to gain a raving podcast audience.

The Business of Podcasting Ep043: It’s Not Luck… Fish Where the Fish Are

Getting your show noticed and heard by the people that matter requires effort, skill, and time. Today’s episode tackles the first steps to making sure your show hits the runway prepped and ready for success… and why it’s very similar to how you think about fishing.

The Business of Podcasting Ep042: A Step by Step Process for Using SEO to Grow Your Podcast with Gert Mellak

How do we know that our content is what the audience actually wants?

And how intentional should we be with content and SEO to play with the big leagues?

Those are just some of the questions we cover today with Gert Mellak from SEOLeverage. From figuring out if SEO can be the only podcast growth rider, to knowing what keywords you can and can’t compete for – we unpack so much in today’s episode.

The Business of Podcasting Ep041: What Metrics ACTUALLY Affect Podcast Rankings with Rob Walch

Today’s episode features Rob Walch, 2016 Podcasting Hall of Famer and the VP of Podcaster Relations for Libsyn. It is packed with priceless insights, tips, and strategies (that you’ll most likely not hear from anyone else).

The Business of Podcasting Ep040: Leveraging Multiple Income Streams for Your Podcast with Dave Jackson

This episode is the second of a two-part series with the amazing Podcasting Hall of Famer, Dave Jackson. We’ll be talking about why he chose to focus on podcast monetisation, mistakes podcasters make when promoting sponsors, and more.

The Business of Podcasting Ep039: Why Podcasting Isn’t for Everyone (and What it Really Takes to Be Successful) with Dave Jackson

If you’ve ever thought about podcasting at any point in your life, this episode was meant for you. From Dave Jackson’s experiences starting out as an early adopter of the platform, to profiting from your podcast, we discussed so much gold that it would be a crime not to listen in.

The Business of Podcasting Ep038: How to Get Your Podcast Back on Track After a Break

Today, I’ll be sharing some of the things that I’ve learned while taking a break myself. You’ll hear more about the consequences of missing weekly uploads, why you need to plan your episodes ahead of time, and so much more.

The Business of Podcasting Ep037: What It Takes to Have a Successful Podcast with John Lee Dumas

Today, I am joined by the amazing John Lee Dumas of the Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast to talk about how podcasting has changed over the years, effective marketing avenues, Spotify, and the future of podcasting.

The Business of Podcasting Ep036: Podcast Studio Upgrade – What I Bought and Why

In this episode, I share why I decided to upgrade my audio & video equipment, the software I use that have made recording easier, and why room setup is incredibly important.

The Business of Podcasting Ep035: How to Get High-profile Guests on Your Podcast with Zachary Babcock

Zachary Babcock (of Underdog Empowerment) and I talk about contacting & pitching to guests, nurturing & maintaining relationships with them, pre-interview preparations, and using The Big Reach Tracker.

The Business of Podcasting Ep034: What You Need to Know About the Future of Podcasting – Industry Update

From Joe Rogan’s exclusive Spotify deal, Ommy Studio’s deeper analytics, to a new tool called Chartable – I share updates on the industry, get you familiar with tools for growth & better insights, and offer a peek at what the future of podcasting looks like.

The Business of Podcasting Ep033: Copywriting Pro Reveals His Secret to High-converting Podcast Titles with Adil Amarsi

In today’s episode, Adil Amarsi shares his process of coming up with engaging, relatable, high-converting podcast titles and using stories in your content and emails for greater impact.

The Business of Podcasting Ep032: A Podcaster’s Guide to Crushing It on YouTube Ads with Tom Breeze

On this insightful chat with Tom Breeze, CEO of Viewability, we cover so much gold about keyword targeting, strategies and tips on content creation, and how to tackle the platform differently and effectively.

The Business of Podcasting Ep031: Results and Thoughts From Spending $10,000 Promoting Podcasts With Twitter Ads

This episode answers the general question of, “Is Twitter ads worth your while and budget?”. We talk about the strategies I used, the results of the tests I made, the pros and cons, and the final verdict.

The Business of Podcasting Ep030: Unique and Powerful Facebook Ad Strategies To Grow Your Podcast With Kim Barrett

Today, Kim Barrett (of The Kim Barrett Show) and I dig into how Facebook and other platforms are doing in the world of advertising. We talk about natively posting on socials, being intentional when creating ads, and heaps more.

The Business of Podcasting Ep029: How To Plan, Prepare and Execute a High-quality Podcast Interview With Jaryd Krause

Today, we are joined by Jaryd Krause of the Buying Online Businesses podcast to talk about planning, preparing, and executing top-tier podcast interviews. From pre-show preparations to post-show routines, we’ve got it covered.

The Business of Podcasting Ep028: 3 Steps To Creating Powerful Stories in Your Podcast With Adil Amarsi

During this episode, Adil Amarsi (of the Adil Amarsi Unplugged Podcast) and I talk about “StorySelling”, using stories to build trust and communication with your listeners, how to come up with unlimited stories, and dig into what makes (and breaks) a catchy headline.

The Business of Podcasting Ep027: Charley’s Biggest Podcasting Failures (and How To Overcome Them)

Much like anything in life, podcasting is also something to be learned and honed, and for this episode, we dive into some of the biggest failures I’ve had in my podcasting journey. From struggles with technology to preparing and interviewing guests, there’s plenty of insights in this one.

The Business of Podcasting Ep026: How To Get Your Guests To Promote Your Podcast With Rob and Kennedy

On this episode, we continue last week’s conversation with Rob & Kennedy of The Email Marketing Show and dig into the process of preparing, emailing, scheduling, & interviewing guests, and reconnecting with them after the podcast goes live.


The Business of Podcasting Ep025: Cutting Through The Noise by Being Different With Rob and Kennedy

Today, Rob & Kennedy, hosts of The Email Marketing Show and Founders of ResponseSuite, share their journey in the podcasting space and why they’re building their email list (rather than promoting their show) on social media.


The Business of Podcasting Ep024: Results From Spending $200,000 on Podcast Sponsorships With Tim Soulo

Today, I speak with Tim Soulo, CMO and Product Advisor at Ahrefs. We talk about his experience spending $200,000 on podcast sponsorships, the learnings taken from initial trials, how they choose a show to sponsor, the importance of trackable metrics in sponsoring podcasts, and much, much more.


The Business of Podcasting Ep023: How To Make a Successful Podcast In a Competitive Niche With Scott Carson

Today, we gain truly unique and valuable insights from Scott Carson, host of the popular Note Closers Show podcast and 10 years of experience in distressed mortgage and notes under his belt. We cover some one-of-a-kind strategies on growing your audience, making use of livestreams, the folly of thinking that big names guarantee success, and lots more.


The Business of Podcasting Ep022: What Podcasters Should be Doing Differently During the Crisis With Charley Valher

Today, I’d like to cover points such as where podcasters are hurting the most, things you should avoid doing, and what isn’t working. I also highlight opportunities you can take advantage of as a podcaster in this time. This crisis shouldn’t stop your show from growing – this is the time to level-up!


The Business of Podcasting Ep021: The Most Common Mistakes Podcasters Make With Charley Valher

Today, I go over my own experiences and observations from auditing hundreds of podcasts and share a list of the most common mistakes podcasters make. I also give insight and advice for those just starting out & those who need help in figuring out why their show might not be working as they’d expected.


The Business of Podcasting Ep020: Your Questions Answered! (Q&A With Charley)

Have you ever wanted to start a podcast but didn’t know where to start, what equipment to use, and what to look out for so your show takes off well? Good news – this episode is just for you. Along with answering your questions, I’ll be giving tips on how to tackle your podcast so it’s set up for success.

The Business of Podcasting Ep019: Behind the Scenes of a Brand New Podcast With Will Wang

Today, we chat with Will Wang, CEO and Founder of the digital marketing agency Growth Labz, and the host of the newly-created The Content Driven Business podcast. We cover the ‘hows’ and ‘whats’ of starting your podcast, growth strategies, and other insights and tips from his experience behind the scenes.


The Business of Podcasting Ep018: Do Big-Name Guests Really Help Your Podcast Grow? (With Brett Curry)

Today, Brett Curry, CEO of OMG Commerce and host of the eCommerce Evolution Podcast, shares how he started his business, what led him to podcasting, and gives insights on whether or not big-name guests help a podcast’s growth. We also touch on video podcasting and promoting your show using Youtube Ads. Sound interesting? Let’s dive in!

The Business of Podcasting Ep017: From 0 to 22,000 Downloads In Under 12 Months With Jaryd Krause

In this episode, we chat with Jaryd Krause, Online Business Mentor and creator of the Buying Online Businesses Podcast, about what it was like for him starting out and how his business has evolved, and dive into some growth strategies. We also talk about how he’s using paid ads to accelerate growth and bring more sales, and how he decides on guests and topics for each episode.

The Business of Podcasting Ep016: Strategic Podcast Growth with Ralph Burns

Today, we’ll be talking with Ralph Burns, CEO of Tier 11 and expert in helping businesses scale through Facebook & Instagram advertising. We’ll be looking at ways to grow your podcast steadily, being intentional with creating content that will suit your audience, and the future of podcasting.


The Business of Podcasting Ep015: Creating More Leverage With a Small Audience With Stephan Spencer

For this episode, we have a chat with Stephan Spencer, one who I consider to be the best expert today on SEO. We’ll be talking about ideas on how to leverage your podcast when you don’t have an audience (or have very little) and the importance of getting a big name on your show early on.


The Business of Podcasting Ep014: How to Get Big Names On Your Podcast With Joe Fier

Today, we will be joined by Joe Fier, co-host of the Hustle And Flowchart Podcast and co-founder of Evergreen Profits, to let you in on some tips about getting big players on your show, insights on using their unique Dream 100 strategy, working with a co-host in interviewing, growing your audience, expanding your reach, and monetising your podcast. This episode will motivate you to make your podcast even better, with the added value guest experts will definitely bring to the table.


The Business of Podcasting Ep013: Being The Sponsor Of Your Own Podcast For Maximum ROI with Steph Taylor

Today, Steph Taylor of the Socialette Podcast joins us to share her most valuable points on growing your podcast effectively. She demonstrates how being the sponsor of your own podcast enables you to get a maximum return of investment. In this episode, we talk about the difference between shorter versus longer episodes and getting big names on your podcast. Steph also shares how you can make use of Pinterest to grow your podcast.


The Business of Podcasting Ep012: From 0 to 10,000 Podcast Downloads Per Day with Pete Smissen

Today, Pete Smissen of the Aussie English podcast joins us to talk about what it takes to grow your podcast downloads. His podcast has grown from zero up to 10,000 downloads a day. He also shares with us how he worked to monetise it and make it his full-time gig. We also chat about how he uses YouTube in conjunction with podcasting.


The Business of Podcasting Ep011: Dealing with Insecurity in Podcasting with Jaemin Frazer

In this episode, Jaemin Frazer shares his insights about why people feel like they are not good enough. He also talks about the seven essential practices in overcoming insecurity. We also discuss how to stay true to yourself and more.
To all the listeners, especially if you are dealing with insecurity, tune in, sit back, and enjoy the podcast.


The Business of Podcasting Ep010: How to Promote Your Podcast Online to Generate Audience with Angela Henderson

In this episode, our guest Angela Henderson gives crucial suggestions on building your podcast in a way that will benefit you and your audience. She also emphasizes how podcasting is a long-term venture which needs commitment and hard work. A host needs to be equipped with the right knowledge to prosper in the field of podcasting.


The Business of Podcasting Ep009: The Framework for Telling Great Stories on Your Podcast with Jo Johnson

In today’s episode, our guest Jo Johnson shares the importance of storytelling in podcasts and business. It is a great way to market products and services. She also shares a valuable framework that can help podcasters to tell their stories and those of their clients effectively.


The Business of Podcasting Ep008: Proven Methods to Grow and Monetize Your Podcast with Molly Pittman

In this episode, our guest Molly Pittman shares her insights about the business of podcasting. She emphasized the importance of building goodwill and being genuine in podcasting. Tune in to learn more about the process of podcasting and the crucial steps to advertise your podcasts.


The Business of Podcasting Ep007: What to Do If Your Podcast Stalls or Falls Into a Decline with Adam Jaffrey

Running a podcast is a long-term commitment. It also takes hard work and patience to know the right strategies that are necessary for its success. There are also times where you will need the help of an expert in the field of podcasting.

In this episode, Adam Jaffrey is back with us to share his knowledge about saving a stalling podcast. He talks about different strategies for those who are not growing their audience as much as they like and not generating revenue with their podcast.


The Business of Podcasting Ep006: How to Create More Opportunities from Your Podcast with Daryl Urbanski

Podcasts hold a lot of opportunities for business owners and entrepreneurs out there. However, getting a start on this business can have several challenges. Luckily, our guest Daryl Urbanski is here to give you all the advice you need to steer your podcast podcast to success. Tune in to the whole episode to learn all about the tips and tricks.


The Business of Podcasting Ep005: The 3 P’s of Podcasting with Adam Jaffrey

In this episode, we invited Adam Jaffrey from Wavelength Creative to discuss his “3 P’s” framework in podcasting. The 3 P’s are essential elements in podcasting: production, packaging, and promotion. He presents compelling examples of each of the three Ps. Then, he talks about when to focus on each particular aspect of podcasting.


The Business of Podcasting Ep004: How Niche Should Your Podcast Be with Stephanie Campanella

In this episode, our guest Stephanie Campanella discusses the importance of niche in the podcast business. She shares her approach to making her podcast. She also shares the strategies she learned as a podcast listener herself, and how she uses keyword research to develop the content of her podcast.


The Business of Podcasting Ep003: Using Paid Ads to Amplify Your Podcast (and business) with Will Wang

Podcasting is a gateway to engage your audience with more valuable content. Today, we have Will Wang of Growth Labz share his experience on expanding his podcast, Marketing From The Trenches. Knowing which online platforms you can use to get more people watching, listening, and subscribing is vital.

In this episode, we share how using different platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn can grow your podcast. With podcasting as a springboard, we also talk about how experimenting with varying types of content on different platforms will lead to better engagement and more conversions.


The Business of Podcasting Ep002: The Ultimate Conversion Tool with James Schramko

Having a successful podcast channel means putting together high-quality podcasts. Each episode needs the perfect mix of the right guest, the right questions, and the right narrative. This episode is all about running a podcast that can stand out. Our special guest, James Schramko, will share his years of knowledge on this subject.


The Business of Podcasting Ep001: Podcast Growth Strategies with Matt Wolfe

As a podcaster, it is important to know how to grow not just your audience, but your entire podcast as well. We had Matt Wolfe of the Hustle and Flowchart Podcast share his insights on this topic. Hustle and Flowchart is one of the worlds leading podcasts about business.
In this episode, Matt shares his top three strategies on growing your podcast. He also shared some of the effective methods they use for monetizing their podcast. We talk about paid ads, what podcast notes can do, and more, so sit back and enjoy the podcast.

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